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Mr. Bigler at SACS in September 2010


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I taught chemistry from 2003-2011, and physics from 2011-present at Lynn English High School. (Go Bulldogs!) . While chemistry remains my favorite of the sciences, physics is my favorite subject to teach.

I am an active participant in the Boston University Physics Teacher Network and a co-author of one of the labs in the new AP Chemistry lab manual.

Prior to teaching, I worked in the pharmaceutical and software industries.

This Week

I will be performing a concert with the New England Philharmonic at the Tsai Performance Center at Boston University on Sunday December 11 at 3:00pm.

Mini Biography

I was born in December 1964, which places me squarely on the cusp between the "baby boomers" and "generation X". I grew up in Corning, NY, where I graduated as salutatorian of Corning-Painted Post East High School in 1983. I earned two bachelor of science (S.B.) degrees from MIT, one in chemical engineering (1987) and one in biology (1988).

After college, I worked for five years as a chemical process engineer for Advanced Magnetics, and then eight years as a software engineer and operations manager for several startup companies. I started my teaching career in 2003.

I married my wife Nancy (a fellow MIT graduate) in 1996, and we went to Antarctica on our honeymoon. We have two daughters, Margaret & Laura.


My primary interests outside of school are music and dance. I play viola with Symphony by the Sea and the New England Philharmonic and I sing with the North Cambridge Family Opera Company. I am the dance foreman (teacher) for two morris dance teams: Red Herring Morris, an adult team, and Banbury Cross Morris, a children's team (age 9 through high school). I have a wide range of other hobbies and interests as well, including caving, scuba diving, coffee roasting, locksmithing, LARPs/roleplaying games, bicycling, travel, amateur radio, camping & hiking, computers, photography, community theater, trains, skiing, and coins.

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I use the Twitter hashtag #biglerphysics for announcements and information relating to my physics classes. Students are welcome to use the hashtag as well (after all, no one can control who uses a hashtag), but please keep the tweets school-appropriate because they will show up here!



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